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West Covina Criminal Defense Attorney George Kita has been selected top "100 Criminal Defense Attorneys" by the American Society of Legal Advocates. He received the highest "Superb Attorney" rating by AVVO. He is a former Deputy District Attorney that can put his knowledge and experience to give you the home court advantage. He is very knowledgable about getting the best result possible in court. Call immediately for a free consultation at (626) 232-0970.

West Covina Felonies: If you are charged with a felony, the charges are generally punishable up to three years in state prison unless the penal code states other wise. Some felony offenses are punishable for longer confinement periods.

West Covina Misdemenaors are generally punishable up to one year in the Los Angeles County Jail unless the statute says otherwise.

There is no jail exposure for cases filed as traffic infractions. Unfortunately many people asume all cases that are traffic related matters are infractions. However, certain traffic related tickets are misdemeanors that carry possible jail time. These misdemeanors include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving on a suspended license, driving without a valid license, and reckless driving to name a few.

If your case is filed by the West Covina DA's Office as a felony, the courts require you to be appear promptly or the court may issue a bench warrant. Judges have been known to issue bench warrants to defendants who appear are more than one hour late.

If the case is filed as a misdemeanor, a lawyer can generally appear with out your personal appearance at the West Covina Criminal Court. This is pursuant to penal code section 977. (The exception to this are generally domestic violence cases where the defendant is generally required to be present regardless of whether it is a felony or misdemeanor.)

If you have been arrested by the police in cities such as Industry, Baldwin Park, Glendora, Azusa, West Covina, Covina, your case will be heard at the West Covina Criminal Court. The police have a limited time period to get the paper work to the West Covina District Attorney's Office for filing consideration unless you have been released while charges are being considered. This is generally the best time an aggressive West Covina Attorney will have to attempt to block charges, conduct an independent investigation, and to start preparing for an aggressive defense.

Hiring an Experienced West Covina Lawyer at the earliest opportunity can be critical. It can mean the difference between freedom and jail. In some occassions just the mere fact that an attorney has prevented the interrogation of his or her client can mean the difference between the case being filed and a case being rejected for filing for insufficient evidence.

As an example, in one case our client was arrested for murder facing life. However because we were able to prevent our client from being interviewed, the district attorney's office did not have the requisite corroboration to file the case. That was also true for one of our clients charged with child molestation. There is generally nothing you can say that will help your case. Many times people make self serving statements thinking this will get the case dropped. If these self serving statements turn out to be not credible, you have only helped the prosecutor's case. Not to mention these self serving statement may place you at the scene of the crime or corroborate the prosecutors case in other ways. You can't outsmart a seasoned well trained police detective who attends every police seminar on the latest interrogation techniques.

One of the most powerful evidence a West Covina prosecutor can use against you in a criminal case is your own statements made to the police. Most West Covina prosecutors know the powerful effect these statements have on jurors and that is why they attempt to play these recorded statements during their opening statement, during direct examination, during cross examination and during their closing arguments. It is that powerful.

Unfortunately, during this most critical stage of the case, you would generally not be entitled to have a public defender. In most counties in California such as Los Angeles County, you are not entitled to a public defender until charges have already been filed and you qualify for the services of a public defender on your arraignment court date. By then, you have gone thru this critical phase of the case alone as you have been confronted by the arresting officer and the assigned investigation detective.

The best thing you can do is to immediately call our West Covina Criminal Defense Lawyers for a free consultation at (626) 232-0970. The moment you have become the focus of a criminal investigation is the time you need a experienced West Covina lawyer. We can help.












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